The Promised Day Has At Last Arrived … Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Finally Here!!!

Hey Guys! After what feels like an eternity, we finally have Kingdom Hearts 3!! The order has been shipped and I cannot wait to play this game! After the many years and many games that came before it, I’m sure this game will be something truly special.

However, this update does have another purpose apart from gushing about my love for Kingdom Hearts 3. Due to a few factors, the biggest of which being the fact that I need ample time to sink my teeth into Kingdom Hearts, I’m sad to announce that I will not be posting a review/ recommendation this week on this blog. But worry not, I will be back again next week with more otaku goodies for you all to enjoy! Until then, if you too will be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 – “May your heart be your guiding key”, if not, as always, keep it weeby guys!

Loplop x

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