Two Great Comic Series To Get You Started On The Road To Comic Mania!

Hey guys! Have you ever gone to your local book or comic store, taken a look at the walls of comics, wanting to give comics a try, only to start feeling overwhelmed as where to start? Well, this week on our trip down the otaku rabbit hole, we’ll be recommending two comic book series that deserve to be checked out and can act as the perfect gateway into the world of comics. A quick disclaimer, this list will only include one entry from DC and Marvel as the list could easily be dominated by titles from these companies thanks to their incredibly diverse catalogue. While these two comics are some of my personal favourites, the beauty of comics and manga is that there’s guaranteed to be something out there for everyone. I’ve left out some truly fantastic titles off this list, but hopefully these two will be enough to get you hooked and want to explore comics in your own way. Now, without further ado, this trip down the otaku rabbit hole is about to begin, so buckle up and let’s get started.

  1. Scooby Apocalypse

52681159_397075077774874_512612086308667392_nThe only DC title on this list, Scooby Apocalypse is something different from the Scooby Doo we’ve gotten used to over the years – taking the characters we know and love and then upping the stakes. Set in the not-so-distant future, Scooby Apocalypse follows the members of Mystery Inc., but they’re definitely not the same as the characters you knew from your childhood. Shaggy is a super-dog (Scooby) handler working for a scientific corporation where Velma is the head scientist, while Daphne and Fred are journalists exposing mysteries. After a call from Velma, the gang is brought together for the first time where it is revealed that Velma has helped in the development of nanites, designed specifically to make humanity passive and subservient to those in power. To make things worse, these nanites have already been released to the world and nearly everyone is likely to have been infected. After this shocking revelation, the nanites are activated, much to Velma’s surprise and the world is plunged into a literal hellscape. Instead of becoming servile, the majority of the world’s population is transformed into grotesque monsters all based on monsters of lore, and all of which have an inexplicable drive to kill and maim. The difference this time around, however, is that these monsters aren’t just a man in a mask, and the threat for the gang is considerably more real. Having to fight to survive against all odds, this comic is a survival tale with the stakes tuned up to eleven. Will the gang survive? Will they find a way to undo the damage done by the nanite plague? If this all sounds like something that sounds interesting to you, then maybe consider checking out this comic to find out more. A real page turner, filled to the brim with action and mystery, Scooby Apocalypse is one comic that I can guarantee you won’t be able to put down.

  1. The Wicked + The Divine

52598205_2173523979398255_6078960066373877760_nThe Wicked + The Divine is an interesting thriller-supernatural hybrid quite unlike anything you’ve seen before. Every 90 years, 12 gods are re-incarnated on Earth as young humans. These gods can be from any age, mythology or civilisation and there is no god, good or bad, that is considered off limits. They are granted mysterious and fantastical powers linked to the god they represent and are revered as stars, be that of the stage or screen. In true Rock-Star fashion, these gods live fast and die young, as the light of these gods will all burn out within two years and, by the end of that time, all gods will perish. This time limit means that these rare and precious talents are all-the-more beloved for what they accomplish in their short time on Earth. In the first volume, a new cycle has just begun, and all of the gods have yet to be revealed. Our main protagonist, Laura, is fascinated with the mystery and splendour that these deities exude, and rapidly becomes embroiled in the world that these gods find themselves a part of. When an accidental death occurs and one of the gods is accused of murder, all hell breaks loose, and it is revealed that everything is not as rosy as it would seem in the land of the gods. Tense, fantastical and ultimately cruel, The Wicked + The Divine is a dynamic mix of eclectic characters and diverse gods, all of which culminating in events that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. Admittedly, this comic starts out as a slow burn, but it doesn’t take long before it builds into a towering inferno. If you’re in any doubt that this is for you, I would definitely recommend checking it out, as it is truly something special with interesting and beautiful characters alongside a story that really needs to be experienced at least once.

Well guys, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down the otaku rabbit hole. A little different from my normal content, these comics are some of my favourites. The Wicked + The Divine was my first comic and sparked in me a love of the series that I just had to share in hopes of igniting a passion for comics in someone else. With all of that said, until next time and as always, keep it weeby everyone!

Loplop x


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